Brent Mason and Brent Mason band have been wowing audiences Atlantic Canada for over 20 years now. Visit Brent’s website and check out their unique Folk ‘N’ Rock sound.

Custom Welding is an ideas and design workshop. They imagine, innovate and design metal and composite material solutions for all kinds of problems and needs.

Custom Welding is an ideas and design workshop. They imagine, innovate and design metal and composite material solutions for all kinds of problems and needs.

What can Lord Sheffield Consulting do for your small business?You can get us involved in individual projects, but to be truly effective, we strive to become a valued member of your team. We are interested in building long term relationships where we help build your marketing strategy, develop brands, promote your brands in a cost effective way and manage your marketplace messages over the range of media and platforms.We do this by:

  • Market Research
  • Start up or new product business case development
  • Marketing strategy development or enhancement.
  • Customer facing processes design
  • Brand development and management
  • Website design and hosting – We design expressly in WordPress for high function web sites that can be easily managed.
  • Website search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social marketing
  • Online advertising including Google, Facebook and Twitter ads.
  • Traditional advertising including brochures, radio, television posters etc
  • Business photography and video development
  • Public relations and media management
  • Project management

What is key however, is that all these tasks and tools need to be integrated.  In order to be effective and reach their full potential, they need to work together with the same market message spoken in a platform appropriate ( web, brochure, radio etc) manner.

Yes we can do all these things well but  if your specific needs are beyond our capabilities we are quite prepared to take specific tasks to specialists and manage their performance.  And because we can do all these things, we can much more effectively manage the performance of outsourced tasks and projects.

Our pricing is well within the reach of most small businesses

We work from home so we can keep our overhead very low.  We are also located in Canada and our rates our quoted in Canadian dollars.  This means that with the current exchange rates, our prices are significantly discounted for US based companies.  In addition, we only cost your business when we are doing useful constructive things that increase your bottom line.

Our rates are based upon a simple and  reasonable hourly rate so costs are predictable.  For most projects we will quote how many hours we will need, and only charge the hours quoted. To keep things even simpler,  In most cases, costs for web hosting etc will be included in the hourly rate.

Lord Sheffield Consulting Experience

We have marketing experience working with large and small companies including telephone companies and internet services providers and we have built and run a number of small companies ourselves. We are also, at heart, entrepreneurs and we are always seeking new opportunities and willing to work with clients and people to make things happen.

Some our diverse areas of experience, both past and ongoing, include:

Telephony Marketing – Experience with basic telphone service, enhanced services, enhanced 911, special needs, data product maagement, new product development and major account sales

Internet Services Marketing – Launched and product managed internet dial up and broadband residence and business services

Hospitality / Cruise Ship Shore Excursions  – Founded and ran Lord Sheffield Tall Ship Adventures, St Maarten’s sophisticated pirate ship.  Sadly, the Lord Sheffield was sank in hurricane Gonzalo.  We had so much fun at Lord Sheffield Tall Ship Adventures that we are keeping the name and  the memory’s alive by collecting photos, videos and information through this site.

Music / Performing Arts Marketing
– Managing Brent Mason’s online presence, an Atlantic Canada based musician and songwriter with many albums to his credit. – www.brent-mason.info

Manufacturing/Welding/Design – We are providing management and marketing services to Custom Welding and Design.  We design, manufacture and export a range of custom metal products including Safewalk Titanium Crutches – www.custom-welding.co

Firewood Sales and Delivery – Working with Wally Wood Firewood, New Brunswick’s largest firewood supplier, to develop online sales strategies and processes – www.wallywood.ca and www.firewood-exchange.ca

Property Management – Providing photography and brand development services to Housing Alternatives one of Saint John New Brunswick’s largest property management compaanies- www.housingalternatives.ca

Politics/Journalism – Developed, managed and contribute to Vote  Canada,  a new concept in political discussion and polling – www.vote-canada.ca